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The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Understanding the Universe Within

Subconscious Mind | Spiritual Art | Concept Art

Identify: Awareness is the first step to change

Brain diagram

Nature’s first supercomputer. Sitting in a cave of cerebral spinal fluid inside your skull.

The human brain is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic organs of the human body. It serves as the vehicle for the most primal desires as well as the most evolved functions of human beings. Everything from the desire to eat and sleep, to our ability to engage in intellectual civil discourse. It is all held within the human brain.

However, millions of years of evolutionary adaptation of the brain isn’t to make you happy... It is to make you survive.

And in this modern world of information overload, psychological confusion and complete madness, the survival centres in our brains sure are getting a run for their money.

Most people are burnt out simply from living in a constant state of stress. From not doing enough, being enough, to everything in between. We are drowning in stressful chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline which are slowly chipping away at our vitality. No organic system on earth can survive this long term.

“As Long As We Are Living By The Hormones Of Stress, We Are Living As A Materialist, Because The Hormones Of Stress Cause Us To Believe That The Outer World Is More Real Than The Inner World.”

Joe Dispenza

Subconscious Mind | Spiritual Art | Concept Art

Fight, Flight or Freeze

Back when we were hunting and gathering, and were suddenly chased by a pack of wolves, our bodies would immediately initiate a survival response to increase our odds of survival.

Pack of Wolves Art

Our brain activates the sympathetic nervous system, causing a rush of adrenaline to flood our bodies. Our heart races, pupils dilate, our muscles tense. The Adrenal cortex releases cortisol for continued alertness until the danger passes. We either Fight, Flight or Freeze. And then we slowly return back to homeostasis - a state of internal balance where healing can take place again. Digestion continues, cells and tissues regenerate and the parasympathetic nervous system allows us to relax.

Eagle Art | Nature Art

This is a simplified explanation to why we our bodies have evolved to where they are now.

But the question is...

Why do you need to know this?

Most of us rarely face the immediate threats to physical survival that our ancestors had to deal with, so we may fail to realize the true impact of years spent worrying about job security, how much money we’re making, pleasing our parents, and so on. When we chronically live in a high-stress state, or when we are constantly looking for problems that may affect us at some future moment, we engage the body’s emergency response to stress all the time.

And since most of our stress ends up being emotional or psychological, it is our own way of thinking which ultimately effects the body so intensely.

Luckily, we have the power to change that.

The Iceberg of Identity

Identity | Conscious and Subconscious Mind Diagram | The Iceberg of Identity Art
Diagram from 'Finding Freedom'

Conscious Mind

How many times do you find yourself inspired to transform your life but when the fire burns out nothing has really changed?

Why is this?

Because consciously you can cultivate an unbreakable will, but if the body is on a different program, your inspiration will stop at the brain stem and you will continue to act out your usual habits, behaviours and actions.

We need to dive deeper.

We need to get into the Subconscious

Subconscious Mind

"Give me the Child and I will show you the Man"

We are born as potential. The first 6 years of our life, the brain is like a sponge. Our brain waves are in Theta, and this dream-like state allows us to absorb anything and everything in our environment. The subconscious mind is open.

We then begin learning to interact with the outside world through associations. A mother feeding a baby when it cries out is a positive association and will be rewarded internally with dopamine and other chemicals indicating this is what we should be pursuing. However, accidentally touching the oven door while something's cooking will lead the baby to associate the object with pain. Thus, a memory is formed. In time, our brain begins to look in the environment for these stimuli. To pursue pleasure and to avoid pain.

The subconscious mind is made up of those positive and negative identifications and associations that give rise to habits and behaviours. They become hardwired into our system. And by the age of 25, the neuroplasticity of our brain is more rigid, and these behaviours become our personality. In a perfect world, this is a perfect system.

But when we grow up in a dysfunctional society with fear-based programming inevitably consuming us, we need to do the inner work and reprogram our subconscious mind if we really want to change.

Subconscious Mind | Spiritual Art | Concept Art

Understanding Subconscious/Unconscious Patterns

Ask yourself this; have you ever found yourself in a bad mood, but you can't put your finger on what caused it?

Or have you caught yourself getting irritated and short-tempered with a loved one or colleague over something insignificant?

I think we've all been guilty of an unjustified reaction, like getting irritated when you're stuck in traffic or blaming the resentment and anger that fires inside of you on an ex-partner. This is a direct suggestion that the deep-rooted emotions you've stored in the body from the past are dictating the way you perceive and react to your environment in the present, and they must be identified if change is to occur.

This inability to see the truth is a fog of perception the Toltecs called a Mitote. The Mitote clouds our vision, so we can’t see who we really are. We can’t see that we’re not free. We create an image of who we should be in order to be liked, loved and good enough. This image isn’t real.

By now you have started to see this image clearly. Seeing where you are restricted in your life and what chains are holding back your ability to live a life of freedom.

Subconscious Mind | Spiritual Art | Concept Art

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FAQs about the Subconscious Mind

What is the subconscious mind?

The subconscious mind is the part of the mind that operates below the level of conscious awareness. It controls automatic functions like breathing, heartbeat, and digestion, and also holds beliefs, memories, and emotions that affect our behaviour and thoughts.

How does the subconscious mind work?

The subconscious mind works by processing information that is outside of our conscious awareness and influencing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. It does this through automatic processes like conditioning and association, as well as through more complex cognitive processes like problem-solving and creativity.

How can I access my subconscious mind?

One way to access your subconscious mind is through techniques like meditation, hypnosis, or guided imagery. These practices can help you relax and focus your mind, making it easier to access your subconscious thoughts and feelings.

What are some common beliefs or patterns in the subconscious mind?

Common beliefs and patterns in the subconscious mind can include things like fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage. These can be caused by past experiences, cultural conditioning, or other factors.

Can I change my subconscious mind?

Yes, it is possible to change your subconscious mind through techniques like affirmations, visualization, and cognitive-behavioural therapy. By identifying and challenging negative beliefs and patterns, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to support your goals and desires.

Is the subconscious mind more powerful than the conscious mind?

Some experts believe that the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind, as it controls many of our automatic functions and can influence our thoughts and behaviours without us even realizing it. However, both the conscious and subconscious mind are important and work together to create our experiences and perceptions.

What are some common misconceptions about the subconscious mind?

Common misconceptions about the subconscious mind include the idea that it is mystical or supernatural, or that it has complete control over our thoughts and behaviours. In reality, the subconscious mind is a natural part of our brain function and can be understood and influenced through scientific methods.

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