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REBORN - The Masks of Separation

Beneath the Façade of Separateness,
Lies Infinite Possibility,

Unexpressed, yet waiting,
Invisible, yearning to be seen.

Within, and Without.
Above, and Below.

Take off the Mask,
Burn the Bridges of Illusion,
Journey up the Staircase of Eternity,
Voyage through the Labyrinth of Sacred Mirrors,
And Remember who You are.

During these transformation times of division, uncertainty and despair, if we are to focus on one thing; it should be our unity. Especially the possibilities that exist when we stand as one, with cooperation not competition. Breaking the shackles of conditioning over millennia isn’t easy. Transcending survival instincts is a daily battle. Changing subconscious programming is a self conquest. But connection is easy; for it is always only a realisation away.


Acrylic Painting on 61x91cm canvas.

REBORN - The Masks of Separation

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