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Prometheus's Garden

Prometheus is a figure from ancient Greek mythology who was punished for stealing fire from the gods of Olympus. Because his intention was to give this knowledge to humans, he has taken on symbolic significance as an agent of rebellion and democracy in the modern world.

It was Zeus who sentenced Prometheus to his agonizing punishment for his unforgivable transgression. Thus, Zeus the symbolic opposite to Prometheus, represents the selfishness of the ever oppressing tyrants and their overzealous rein on the collective mind.

The overreaction of Zeus to the theft of fire is not really accounted for on the basis of fire merely being fire. Fire is symbolic of knowledge and enlightenment and thus the acquisition of its power is viewed by the Gods/Tyrants as a movement into the domain they have set aside for themselves.

Ultimately, the Titan served directly as a symbol and a sign in which humans can see a reflection of their fate and force. To be Promethean is to recognize one’s unavoidable fate while accepting the wretchedness of existence at the same time one inspires toward resistance against the inequities of tyranny.

The winged interloper, the Golden Panther, is a symbol for the imagination; transcending the dualistic pendulum of good/evil that forever swings in the material world. Able to depart anytime and soar into the realm of Infinity.

Prometheus's Garden

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