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Leonidas I

“Come and take them!”

This was the infamous reply Leonidas I uttered to Xerxes and his 700,000 strong army of Persians, when he demanded the Spartans to lay down their arms. In the face of certain death, Leonidas still wore his strength & honour as valiantly as he would bear his spear and shield. The Battle of Thermopylae would be where this great Spartan King would fall. But in the midst of chaos, he commanded the rest of the army to retreat and escape the inevitable. Leonidas, the loyal 300 Spartans, and all those who were willing to die for their king, remained on the battlefield and fought to the death. The Greeks defeated the Elite Persian soldiers known as ‘The Immortals’ and continued to show why the Spartans were the true immortal warriors; immortalised in time as one of the fieriest soldiers in ancient history. Xerxes’s army were given one hell of a fight and lost tens of thousands of soldiers due to the sheer will power & strength the Greeks showed. But entropy finally caught up to them, leading to absolute destruction and an end of an Era. The lineage of Spartan Kings that supposedly trace back to Hercules himself, was ended. But the legacy still stands.

Leonidas I

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