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We wear the titles put on us as clothes of identity.

We become them. Reaffirm them. Almost fight for them.

But it’s only when the heaviness of these titles weigh us down to complete stagnation. We begin seeking.

Seeking for something so deeply within us that complete darkness was the only thing capable of showing us our light.

We ask for strength, but avoid the struggle.
We ask for pleasure, but numb the pain.
We ask for destinations, without the journey.

But when we truly accept that life’s pendulum must swing both ways, peace & freedom will not only be attained, but lived.

@davidgoggins started the STAY HARD mentality. The not knocking on wood ‘cos life comes at you type mentality. The shut the fuck up and get going type mentality. The who’s gonna carry the boats type mentality.

The mentality that acknowledges the steepness of the mountain, and gets to running.

David Goggins story remains as one of the best modern examples of the Hero’s journey in my opinion. A true transformation story. Death of the old self & rebirth of a new. David into Goggins.

He’s inspired millions to get after it.

And continues to embody his truth.

“Everybody comes to a point in their life when they want to quit. But it's what you do at that moment that determines
who you are.” - David Goggins

Acrylic painting on a 61x91cm canvas.


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